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About The Founder


First, let me introduce myself. I am Troy, the founder of Michigan Prospectors. I have been a full time YouTuber since 2013. My family and I travel around making fun videos of the things we see and do. We are also full time homesteaders on our own 18 acres of land. You can find my homesteading videos on YouTube HERE

For a living I make YouTube videos on my main channel but I am also processing and selling firewood full time. This turned out to be a really good source of income which also helps fund my videos and prospecting adventures. You can follow my firewood videos on YouTube at: HERE

We are still homesteading full time and we still travel around making videos of our experiences.


I found GOLD!!!


It all began when I discovered gold in my Northern Michigan back yard. I got the crazy idea of panning for gold from a hole I was digging and, to my surprise, I found a tiny speck of flour gold in the first pan ever.

I found gold in my back yard
Found gold in my Michigan back yard

So I started to experimentally pan around all over the place. Just about every shovel turned up a speck of gold. Even around the lake at the family cabin! I did some research online and learned that glaciers deposited all kinds of minerals throughout Michigan long, long ago. In lower Michigan, most of the gold found will be flour gold but there have been some nuggets pulled out of lower Michigan through the years. Lakes, rivers and streams can concentrate the gold but it is pretty much everywhere.

Now this is nothing to quit your day job over but it sure does spark gold fever. And that is exactly what happened to me.

In Michigan's Upper Peninsula you can find some serious gold. There are some gold mines dotting the Peninsula. Some will let you pan the tailings (always ask permission first). If you are lucky, you may just find an undiscovered vein of gold.

Actually, due to the glaciers, Michigan is loaded with a huge variety of minerals, gemstones and fossils. We have one of the largest varieties on the planet.

Of course I started a YouTube channel for Michigan Prospectors as well. You can follow my prospecting and rock hounding adventures on my YouTube channel HERE

On Michigan Prospectors YouTube channel you can find our videos about rock hounding and prospecting around Michigan for gold as well as copper and other minerals. I often take my family or friends on my adventures. We try to get out at least once a week for metal detecting, gold panning, sluicing or just picking up rocks and fossils at the beach. It makes for great family fun and memories that last a lifetime.

I also try out and review new products for rock hounding and prospecting on my channel.

Please be sure to check it out and subscribe while you are over there.


Michigan Prospectors Group Was Formed


Not long ago a gold prospecting group I was a member of sort of fell apart. There are not a lot of resources about prospecting for gold in Michigan. Or for anything else for that matter. I am a member of some rock collecting groups and I see some of the same questions asked again and again. So I decided to start Michigan Prospectors.

The idea of Michigan Prospectors is to give everyone in Michigan a place to gather and learn about prospecting for gold, minerals and fossils in this beautiful State.

Join Michigan Prospectors Facebook Group

There you can join in the discussions and share your experiences, ask questions or answer some yourself. You can also find a treasure trove of information about rock hounding and prospecting in the State of Michigan. You can also find the Michigan State laws about prospecting and rock hounding that many people often ask. Some of the information includes answers to questions such as "how many rocks can I keep per year" or "how much gold can I keep per year". And questions like "what are the rules on using a sluice box in Michigan".


Northern Prospectors Supply Store


Also be sure to check out Northern Prospectors Supply Store with rockhounding and prospecting supplies as well as rocks and minerals from around Michigan. We will also soon be carrying hand crafted jewelry and crafts made from local Michigan rocks and minerals.

Northern Prospectors Supply Store